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Ellen Cappellino

SVP, Market Access & Patient Services


Brand Plan Development, Commercialization, HEOR, Market Access, Oncology, Patient Services, Pricing, Reimbursement & Market Access, Rare Disease, Specialty & Direct-to-Patient Distribution

As a proven expert in market access, Ellen Cappellino is helping EVERSANA quickly and safely deliver new treatments into the hands of the physicians and patients who will benefit from them. Ellen’s broad commercial background and extensive experience leading market access strategy and teams spans across large global and emerging biopharmaceutical companies. Now she’s leveraging her expertise to guide EVERSANA’s clients as they navigate the complex healthcare landscape with our top goal in mind – improving and transforming the patient journey.

Ellen holds an MBA from New York University and a BS from Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Articles by Ellen Cappellino

Navigating Pharmaceutical Commercialization: Eight Key Insights for Success

In the pharmaceutical industry, bringing a new drug to market is a multifaceted and challenging endeavor, and ensuring commercial readiness requires a holistic and intricate approach to strategy development and enactment. EVERSANA COMPLETE Commercialization® is a complete, full-scale, customized model for product commercialization that helps companies achieve flexible, agile product launches that meet client and patient needs. In this article, EVERSANA experts delve into eight key insights derived from our COMPLETE Commercialization® efforts, which have proven successful in navigating the complexities of bringing new products to market. Download this article from Rohit Sood, Anne Marie Robertson, Ellen Cappellino, Keith Steward, Tim Healey to learn more about how to achieve peak […]

Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act: Drug Price Negotiation

In this second of a series, we explore the details known so far about Medicare drug price negotiation resulting from the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has gradually been releasing guidance for manufacturers on the negotiation process. As this information has been released, Merck and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have sued CMS to stop the process, saying CMS has overstepped its authority, even though the IRA is now statute. These suits could delay the implementation of the negotiation program beyond the dates we list here. Two major points to keep in mind are that the first round of negotiated rates […]

Employ an Integrated Market Access Strategy to Deliver Brand Success

The pharma/life sciences pipeline is vibrant, with ongoing innovation bringing new hope to patients and providers across many therapeutic areas. Against the backdrop of rapid scientific advancement in and precision medicine and targeted therapies in primary and specialty care as well as rare and orphan diseases, today’s medicines continue to create immense complexity for all stakeholders — patients, providers and payers. It has become widely recognized that a diverse array of market access considerations and patient support services are needed to ensure optimal clinical and financial success for any medication. There has been continuous evolution and innovation in the types of programs, services and effective processes that are put in […]

New Legislation Supports Payment for Digital Therapeutics

Earlier this month, the Access to Digital Prescription Therapeutics Act of 2022 was introduced by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) to the U.S. House of Representatives as H.R. 7051 and by Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) to the U.S. Senate as S. 3791. This precedent-setting legislation demonstrates the bicameral, bipartisan commitment to promoting the use of digital prescription therapeutics and having public insurers cover their use. The identical bills mandate coverage of prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) by Medicare and Medicaid and set forth the general process for how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will administer the coverage. The legislation defines PDTs as products that are approved or cleared […]

Prescription Digital Therapeutics Coding: A Good First Step by CMS

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently issued a new code under the Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS) regarding prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs). These types of therapies are generally app- or device-based and can be used in any therapeutic category. This is certainly an exciting development for the PDT sector, as many companies in the space have been targeting claims-based reimbursement for their products, and scalable reimbursement has not yet been widely achieved. During the July 2021 coding application cycle, one developer of cognitive behavioral therapies (CBTs) applied for three different HCPCS codes to identify the use of their apps in CBT to treat substance abuse as […]

Reversing the Complexity of Oncology Commercialization: How to solve for launch challenges in a chaotic ecosystem

As physicians, patients and caregivers tirelessly fight complex diseases, a growing number of drug manufacturers are preparing to launch new oncology therapies. These high-science therapies are entering the market at rapid rates: Presently, there are 500 active cell and gene therapy agents in clinical development, with a great momentum building for immuno-oncology treatments. The Oncology Ecosystem Is Changing, and the Cost for Commercialization Is Steep. There is no question about the incredible clinical impact these long-awaited therapies can have on patients and the industry, but launching in the oncology space is not the same as it was 20 years ago for two reasons: Commercialization stakes are high. The average cost […]

Telling the Whole Story: An Integrated Approach to Value Proposition Creation

Market shifts are underway, emphasizing the need for value propositions that are more seamless and integrated across functions. Adapting to these changes will be critical if manufacturers want to maximize pricing opportunities and avoid missing opportunities to generate data to demonstrate their product’s value effectively with different audiences. The most robust value propositions require expertise from strategy, clinical, value and evidence, as well as agency execution, but the siloed nature of many manufacturers can make this an operational challenge. By leveraging an integrated, cross-functional approach to value proposition development, manufacturers will gain the ability to define evidence gaps, opening up more opportunities to partner with potential payers in order to […]

Fearless in Pharma: Addressing Unmet Medical Needs Through Bold Innovation

5,789 new oncology products are currently in development, with 3,677 in phases I and II. Science continues to evolve and provide more patients life-changing therapies, but the commercialization model of these new therapies has not changed in decades – until now. Innovation demands disruptive thinking, and our experts agree. EVERSANA’s Ellen Cappellino sat down with PharmaVOICE Editor Taren Grom and Novartis Oncology President Susanne Schaffert, PhD, to discuss how advancements in oncology treatment development and commercialization are addressing unmet needs of patients. Watch this webinar from Fearless in Pharma 2021 to learn how industry leaders are ensuring product access to improve patient outcomes.

PharmaVOICE Webinar: Next Gen Commercialization Model for Oncology

In a new 60-minute virtual panel, “Next Gen Commercial Models in Oncology,” PharmaVOICE Editor Taren Grom sat down with industry leaders to discuss how changing market dynamics and a rich pipeline in oncology are creating a need for next gen commercial models.

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