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Christopher Nuesch



Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory), Launch Readiness, Market Access, Market Research, Oncology

Chris brings over a decade of life sciences consulting experience, from strategy to execution, in market access, commercialization, and brand management for biopharma companies of all sizes. He has a background in life sciences consulting engagements across commercial strategy, M&A, supply chain and R&D functions for large biopharmaceutical clients and small biotechs​

Chris is well-versed in market access strategy, pricing and contracting, distribution strategy and network implementation, new product planning, launch planning and execution, brand strategy and planning, market development strategy, and primary market research.​  Prior to joining EVERSANA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, Chris led projects for several leading life sciences consulting firms: Precision Xtract, focused on market access, pricing, and distribution challenges Deloitte Consulting, where Chris worked across the value chain for pharmaceutical companies.

Articles by Christopher Nuesch

Price Right or Pay Later

Dive into the intricate world of pharmaceutical pricing with “Price Right or Pay Later” by Christopher Nüesch, Chad McAuliffe, and Andrew Therrien. In this groundbreaking paper, EVERSANA exposes the critical yet often overlooked nuances of pricing strategies in the pharmaceutical industry. Through meticulous analysis and real-world examples, discover why setting the right price at launch can make or break a product’s commercial success. From navigating payer dynamics to mastering lifecycle management, this paper unveils a comprehensive approach to pricing that promises sustainable revenue in an ever-evolving market. Don’t miss your chance to revolutionize your pricing strategy and secure your brand’s competitive edge. Complete the form below to download the full […]

Point of Attack: Developing a Targeted Oncology Account Engagement Strategy and Tactical Platform

Key account management (KAM) is a more innovative approach to pharmaceutical sales and account engagement. KAM promises to deliver long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships between biopharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare systems and provider practices (aka target accounts). Pharmaceutical manufacturers in oncology are increasingly moving to a more integrated field model, with a focus on KAM as the organizing principle for provider account engagement. This model is often applied across a range of accounts, comprising integrated health systems, standalone hospitals, and large community practices. With this shift to a flexible, account-based engagement model, successful engagement requires a deep understanding of the various players that influence account decision-making on access and utilization policy. Within […]

KAM Reimagined: Building a Strategic Framework to Empower Key Account Management

Key account management (KAM), as a more innovative approach to pharmaceutical sales and account engagement, promises to deliver long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships between biopharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare systems and provider practices (AKA target accounts). These partnership structures are above brand and typically involve custom programs developed and executed in collaboration between the manufacturer and the accounts. A push toward KAM is underway within healthcare, driven by three trends in particular: traditional sales representatives are losing access to individual target physicians; the power and influence of key accounts on access and utilization of branded pharmaceuticals is increasing; and the decision-drivers for key account stakeholders are evolving to prioritize evidence-based purchasing, requiring a […]

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