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Amy Hutnik

General Manager, Agency, Advisory & Evidence Services


Brand Plan Development, Client Services, Commercialization, Compliance, Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory), HEOR, Leadership, Market Access, Marketing and Advertising, Medical Information & Pharmacovigilance, Product Launch, Regulatory Compliance

Amy is responsible for driving growth and innovation across EVERSANA’s agency, advisory and evidence services teams. Her career spans more than 25 years in consumer and healthcare marketing, where she’s driven brand awareness, engagement and commercialization for clients. Prior to joining EVERSANA, she spent more than a decade at large life sciences service providers, working with customers across the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. She was named to PharmaVOICE’s Top 100 list in 2018 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Villanova University.

Articles by Amy Hutnik

Is Your Digital Communication Strategy Up to Par?

In today’s competitive global market, pharmaceutical companies cannot afford to waste time or resources on strategies that do not fit patient needs or generate scripts. Interconnectivity between all stakeholders and a 360° view of everything that touches the patient are essential when mapping each patient’s and HCP’s unique and differentiated journey. But how do you ensure you are making the right connections and ensuring all key stakeholders have access to tailored education around treatments? In this webinar, brought to you by EVERSANA™, digital communication and design experts will dive into the history of digital communication in healthcare — and how digital channels are changing how pharma interacts with stakeholders. This […]

Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Spend and Field Deployment to Impact Script Adoption

In today’s competitive global market, pharmaceutical companies can’t afford to waste time or resources on strategies that don’t generate scripts or fit product and patient needs. Without data-informed, fully integrated campaigns, there’s a missed opportunity to mine deep insights that can inform next steps and accurately pinpoint efforts to doctors and patients who could benefit from additional touchpoints during the campaign, yielding higher results. Rather than guessing which HCP targets most disproportionately impact script fills, tracking provider networks through data and analytics can provide discrete insight for creating more effective, targeted provider outreach strategies. When data is actively and regularly informing campaign design, execution and interconnectivity, insights and messaging become […]

CHALLENGING TRADITION: The argument for integrated commercialization to improve operational agility

Today’s economics simply do not support building commercial capabilities from scratch, only to dismantle that infrastructure until the next need arrives. Manufacturers will spend approximately $200 million of commercialization costs over three years leading up to the launch of their product, yet 66% of drugs do not meet launch expectations.    In an era of specialty and rare-disease products, customized expertise and structures must be ready to adapt to varying market needs. And if the pandemic taught us anything, it is that successful organizations need to adapt to market demands and external forces out of their control.  But while that’s true, and we know what needs to change, a survey of 30 biopharma commercialization […]

Ask the Expert: One-on-One with Amy Hutnik

The pharma industry’s needs have evolved beyond one-dimensional playbooks, disconnected promotional efforts and limited ability to assess stakeholder engagement.  Instead, manufacturers need to adopt a comprehensive omnichannel model that allows for data-driven planning and real-time analysis of results from marketing campaigns, field activities and patient services programs to create a cohesive brand experience with maximum impact. EVERSANA commercialization expert Amy Hutnik answers an important question every manufacturer needs to know about omnichannel: How does a manufacturer’s commercialization model affect the success of their omnichannel strategy?   Additional Reading Download our latest infographic for an in-depth look  EVERSANA’s omnichannel activation model.

Omnichannel: A Conversation With the Innovators

Go beyond marketing to provide actionable insights that better inform commercial strategies and elevate brand success. EVERSANA’s best-in-class omnichannel activation model aggregates and synthesizes pivotal datasets from marketing campaigns, patient services programs and field activities to analyze and predict trends and behaviors that better inform promotional and support strategies. Serving as a seamless router of actionable data and deep insights from all channels, the platform provides the optimal coordination of customized touch points required to create a seamless brand experience for healthcare providers, patients, payers and other key stakeholders. In this 11-minute one-on-one video conversation with the experts, Krista Pinto and Amy Hutnik explain why manufacturers should expect more from their omnichannel strategy and investments to accelerate […]

Pharma USA Webinars: Personalize HCP Experiences for Deeper Engagement

EVERSANA was proud to participate in two Pharma USA 2021 sessions. This webinar, featuring EVERSANA’s Amy Hutnik, General Manager, Agency, Advisory and Evidence Services, covers the following topics: Harnessing AI to inform your sales approach and meet your customers’ need for both human interaction and digital engagement. Pull don’t push: Build more meaningful relationships with customers by engaging only when necessary and delivering value-add supporting content. Supplement face- to-face interactions with a digital backdrop of integrated channels for an enriched “surround-sound” customer experience. Personalize HCP Experiences for Deeper Engagement Pharma USA 2021 is a business-critical virtual experience for pharma leaders and health innovators. This cross-functional gathering aims to build partnerships, […]

Ask the Expert: How to Maximize Your Omnichannel Strategy

Omnichannel strategies are transforming the way consumers interact with brands across industries – from the all-in-one Magic Band experience at Disney to buying your favorite latte with the Starbucks app. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception, constantly evolving and implementing omnichannel strategies to reach patients and providers with truly personalized, timely engagement. But unlike all other industries, pharma is an ecosystem in motion, with manufacturers, providers, payers and other stakeholders doing their part to treat patients and meet their own industry needs. An omnichannel strategy is the key to connecting the pieces of this complex system and simplifying the patient’s journey to treatment adoption, adherence and improved outcomes. Whether you’re […]

Expect More From Your Omnichannel Strategy and Investments

From ordering your daily Starbucks latte on your iPhone to skipping the line at Splash Mountain with your Disney Magic Band, omnichannel strategies transform how consumers interact with their favorite brands. The most successful brands create an immersive experience that meets the needs of their consumers with a personalized touch. Instead of falling for the temptation to “be everywhere,” omnichannel meets consumers where they are to make every engagement count. Recognizing the major advantages of omnichannel thinking, many pharmaceutical manufacturers have started to adopt a similar strategy for their own brands. While manufacturers often disseminate compelling promotional messages across various channels, in many cases message strategy is still confined to […]

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