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Bill O’Bryon

Managing Director, Digital


Patient Journey, Stakeholder Engagement & Promotion (Patients, Payers, Providers)

Bill brings more than 15 years of experience in all facets of digital strategy, production, and measurement.

He has expertise in social media, interactive marketing, content strategy, search engine optimization for branded and unbranded websites, CRM/email campaigns, analytics, and mobile/digital selling tools. He is also an experienced front-end web developer.

Bill’s work directly influences the various stages of product marketing, from clinical trial recruitment through product launch, and has helped numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies meet their marketing goals.

Bill holds a BA from Middlebury College.

Articles by Bill O’Bryon

Missed Connection or Meant to Be?

In this article, Scott Snyder, Chief Digital Officer, EVERSANA; Bill O’Bryon, Senior Vice President, Omnichannel Activation; and Faruk Capan, CEO, EVERSANA INTOUCH & Chief Innovation Officer, EVERSANA, raise the questions the industry is thinking but is too afraid to ask aloud: Has omnichannel lived up to its promise of the “right message at the right time” to drive meaningful results that wouldn’t otherwise be realized by traditional sales and marketing strategies? Are those “seamless brand experiences” that are integrating the right mix of digital tools and one-on-one personal engagements actually accelerating patients’ time to therapy and delivering business impact? Are more prescriptions being written and fulfilled to validate the time, […]

Bridging the Patient Support Gap With Integrated Technology Solutions and Strategies

Each year, medication non-adherence causes 125,000 preventable deaths and $300 billion in avoidable healthcare costs. In a world where patients face more medication barriers than ever, patient support programs are critical in providing value-based care that yields a palpable and lasting impact. The pharma industry is acutely aware that product access and affordability is key to improving patient adherence, and manufacturers are more than willing to allocate the time and resources to achieve better results. Yet despite significant investments in technology, dedicated care teams and educational materials, manufacturers’ patient support programs are facing a decline in prescription fill rates and conversion to therapy rates. With limited in-person patient and provider-rep […]

Strategies to Ensure Market Success of a Rare Disease Product Launch

Small patient populations, complex administration, high costs of therapies, and government policy interventions are just a few obstacles in rare disease. EVERSANA’s Managing Director, Bill O’Bryon, and Senior Director, Diann Johnson, outline key insights to consider in your launch strategy: Market dynamics impacting rare disease therapies The entire rare community: patients, caregivers, providers & advocates Payer landscape and engagement Patient experience Stakeholder relationships Watch the Webinar: Strategies to Ensure Market Success of a Rare Disease Product Launch

Patients at the Center of Safe and Effective Therapy

First, do no harm. This phrase is synonymous with the Hippocratic oath, the oldest reference to ethics in Western medicine, and it highlights what is generally considered most important in a physician’s medical practice. Help if you can, but not at the risk of further injury to the patient. The spirit of this oath carries over into the development and marketing of pharmaceutical treatments and is upheld by policies and guidance from the FDA. The clinical trial process, fair balance, and the FDA’s MedWatch program are all examples of this ethos in practice. At EVERSANA, we strive to include patient, caregiver, and HCP stakeholders in the development of all marketing […]

Providing a Patient-Driven Experience

As the “patient-as-consumer” culture enables patients to consider all their varied care options, they increasingly want to be involved not only by participating in clinical trials, but also by accelerating product development and the availability of patient support programs after a product reaches the market for a rare and complex disease. And, like all modern consumers, they expect outcomes to be personalized, delivered on their terms, and of high value. And in our roles as marketers, we are also now responsible for delivering value across the entire product life cycle. This requires a strategic and coordinated approach that includes patient-driven data analysis and innovative research techniques to generate real insights […]

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