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Pricing Governance & Management

Pricing Governance & Management Done Right

NAVLIN Price & Access Software is the first comprehensive enterprise software solution to address global pricing challenges for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The software enables you to take control by making pharmaceutical pricing governance easy across global markets with an easy-to-use workflow process.

Launch Sequence Optimization

Launch with confidence – NAVLIN Price & Access Software modeling provides a comprehensive reference pricing tool so you can accurately see global pricing by markets, predict revenue trends, and easily identify risks and opportunities. Our software solution does the baseline model crunching for you, so you can focus on refining your global market access strategy.

International Reference Pricing Simulator

It’s easy to make smarter global pricing decisions with NAVLIN Price & Access Software. Our international reference price simulation software enables you to:

  • Access international price reference rules on a subscription basis
  • Run Monte Carlo routines to simulate future impact or price change scenarios
  • Account for changes in exchange rates and other variations
  • Free analysts to focus on higher order assumptions and issues
  • Produce presentation-ready graphs and output analyses

Introducing our new PriceRight App

You can enjoy the same access to up-to-date pharmaceutical pricing, price governance proposals, and relevant breaking news through your iPhone. Whether you’re in a meeting, or on the go, PriceRight travels with you anywhere. The PriceRight App for iPhone is intuitive and user-friendly. It simplifies how you manage your records and attain crucial information on pricing trends and up-to-date changes across global markets. Other benefits include customizable notifications, at-a-glance proposal approval management, and reliable insights.