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Patient Affordability Programs

Go Beyond Co-pay to Deliver Customized Patient Support and Drive Therapy Adoption

Payers and employers are driving enrollment in high-deductible health plans. Subsequently, drug prices increase, and patients abandon, discontinue use or switch to another therapy.

Ever-changing market conditions have created the need for a new program model, centered around comprehensive patient data and patient-first affordability, that can alleviate patients’ financial burden and drive therapy adoption.

EVERSANA’s elevated HIPAA- and government-compliant affordability solutions are driven by predictive analytics and patient profile segmentation to offer a patient-first, cost-effective and outcomes-based model designed to directly alleviate patients’ financial burdens and drive therapy adoption. In addition, our solutions offer a direct-to-patient payment method to cover out-of-pocket costs and ensures patients receive the full benefits of the program to keep them on therapy.

Digital Payment Processing

In addition, EVERSANA offers various digital payment processing options (e.g., Direct Push Payout and SmartACH) with co-pay claims processing, benefit verification and prior authorization handling. Our diverse portfolio of payment vehicles, combined with the ability to develop and manage customized turnkey solutions, provides flexibility and near-real-time processing.

Schedule a meeting with an EVERSANA expert to learn how we can build a Patient-First Affordability solution for your brand portfolio.


Schedule a meeting with an EVERSANA™ affordability expert.

When barriers to access exist, our targeted affordability solutions help your patients secure treatments and manage costs.