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Elevating Field Reimbursement Manager Performance through Insights & Comparative Data

“Elevating Field Reimbursement Managers’ Performance through Customer-based Insights and Comparative Data,” authored by David Frey, Principal, Specialty Consulting, EVERSANA and Lee Ann Steadman, Senior Vice President, Specialty Consulting, EVERSANA explores the evolving role of Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs) and how it has evolved to become a critical role for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

This article also reviews the importance of securing and applying actionable feedback from customers in order to effectively enhance patient access, affordability and patient adherence. In the absence of this crucial role, patients may suffer and pharma companies may be outpaced by their competitors.

Learn how EVERSANA’s FRM satisfaction research obtains comparative performance data through customizable surveys to inform FRM strategies and enhance brand adoption and customer satisfaction.

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David Frey

David has over 28 years of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic industry commercial experience, including sales, sales management, market research and marketing management at large and small companies. His therapeutic area expertise includes antivirals, cardiology,…

Lee Ann brings with her more than 15 years of pharmaceutical and medical device experience working with companies such as Sanofi, Lash Group and UBC, Inc. Lee Ann uses her expertise to support the full life cycle…