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Unlocking Your Full North American Potential: Coordinating Launches in The U.S. and Canada

Discover the groundbreaking strategy that could redefine pharmaceutical launches and propel your product’s success across North America. In the realm of pharmaceutical launches, a paradigm shift is underway, challenging the conventional sequential approach and calling for a bolder strategy that reaps unparalleled benefits. “Unlocking Your Full North American Potential: Coordinating Launches in The U.S. and Canada” presents a revolutionary perspective on launch synchronization, dispelling myths and highlighting the untapped potential of a united North American launch.

Authored by industry thought leaders Deborah Brown, Ryan H. Brown, Kerem Can Alp, Adam Hardy, and Charles Pirraglia, this paper unveils the transformative potential of parallel launches in the U.S. and Canada. Departing from the tradition of staggered rollouts, this novel strategy maximizes market exposure, harnesses cross-border efficiencies, and offers a seamless stepping stone to international expansion. The paper delves into the strategic considerations, shared synergies, and operational intricacies of such a launch, emphasizing the importance of a capable partner like EVERSANA to navigate this uncharted territory successfully.

Unlock the power of a coordinated North American launch and set your pharmaceutical product on a trajectory toward unmatched revenue potential. Download the full paper to uncover the visionary insights and tactical expertise that can reshape your launch strategy and drive unprecedented success in the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical commercialization.

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Adam Hardy
Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations

Adam Hardy is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, having worked in the industry for over 15 years in both European and US-based organizations. This experience includes working in all phases of pharmaceutical R&D,…

Charles Pirraglia
Managing Director

Charles is the Managing Director at EVERSANA with over 25 years of pharmaceutical consulting, sales and marketing management experience. Charles joined EVERSANA as part of the acquisition of the Accelera Group of Companies which…

Deborah Brown
Lead, Strategic Partnerships

Deborah leads EVERSANA’s partnership expansion plans for the commercial business in Canada. Her career spans more than 30 years in marketing, regulatory, product planning and commercial leadership in Canada and the U.S. Prior to…

headshot of Kerem Can Alp
Kerem Can Alp
Product Manager, Commercial

Kerem has over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having worked in various capacities within European and US-based organizations. Throughout his career, he has held key roles in business development and strategy,…

Ryan H. Brown
Principal, Canadian Advisory Services

Ryan Brown has more than 15 years’ experience on both the industry and consulting sides of the business deliver brand success. His deep industry experience stems from more than 10 years focusing on brand management…