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Accelerate Patient Therapy Adoption by Eliminating Obstructive Pain Points and Waiting Games

Acquiring all the necessary information to initiate patients’ treatment can sometimes feel like a bad game of Telephone to HCPs and their staff. Missing or inaccurate details that can require multiple phone calls, emails or faxes to various individuals can eat up staffs’ time and resources and prolong patients’ adoption of therapy. 

EVERSANA’s Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs) work in conjunction with patient services teams through established relationships and a secure integrated messaging portal. HCP offices can lean on one contact for the information they need and access it directly in front of them using our interconnected communication channels.  

Our FRMs know what is necessary for prior authorization approvals and work with HCPs to ensure they have what they need to move the patient forward and begin treatment sooner. Information that can often take days or weeks to obtain can instead be retrieved in a single interaction. 

Learn more about EVERSANA’s FRMs and how they can bring efficiency and faster adoption of therapy to patients in this “Ask the Expert” Q&A from Rich Heddens, Senior Vice President, Payer Strategy and Execution; and Matt Baniak, Vice President, Patient Services. 

Rich Heddens
SVP, Payer Strategy & Execution

Rich Heddens, Senior Vice President of Payer Strategy & Execution, is helping EVERSANA’s partners drive life-changing therapies to market and into the hands of patients. As a leader in market access, sales and marketing…

Matt Baniak
Vice President, Patient Services, Client & Delivery Excellence

Matt Baniak currently serves as EVERSANA’s Vice President of Client and Delivery Excellence where he is responsible for reimbursement HUBs, digital therapies and complex integrated programs. He also leads EVERSANA’s training, workforce and customer…