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Client Success Story

the situation

The Situation

  • The EVERSANA contact center has been providing clinical trial screening and referral services for a client with CAR-T therapy since 2017.
  • The client requested  “high touch” clinical trial / medical information contact services supported by US based pharmacists to provide a high level of knowledge while ensuring empathy when speaking with patients and family members. 
  • The client required a high level of sensitivity to ensuring quick escalation of any sensitive or critical issues.
  • The goal was to provide a highly “patient-centric” approach to clinical trial recruitment. 
the solution

The Solution

  • EVERSANA implemented a shared pharmacist staff model to conduct trial screening and referrals to clinical trial sites within the United States and internationally. The highly trained and compassionate team has helped patients, family members and healthcare professionals navigate through the complex clinical trial participation process and promptly facilitated successful referrals to trial sites.
  • EVERSANA worked in collaboration with the client to develop resources to streamline the screening and referral process to be patient-minded and provide a high-level customer experience.
  • Being involved in CAR-T clinical trials EVERSANA has been key in accessing and escalating time sensitive issues to the client. 
  • The client has been leveraging EVERSANA’s expertise to launch their first commercial product. Since the contact center was already established, EVERSANA had the ability to quickly transition to a full-service contact center. In addition to start up and maintenance of telephony, medical information, adverse event and product complaint services, VEEVA Vault and VEEVA CRM integrations have been implemented.
the results

The Results

  • As of March 2023, EVERSANA has screened and referred over 800 patients to the clinical trial sites.

  • Non-escalated clinical trial inquiries and requests have been handled within one business day.

  • The client continues to work with EVERSANA on increasing support for additional clinical trials and trial sites.

  • Based on EVERSANA’s high level of clinical trial support services, the client is planning to utilize EVERSANA for contact center services in Europe.

As of March 2023, EVERSANA has screened and referred over 800 patients to the clinical trial sites.


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