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Empowering Women: Reflecting on a Month of Inspiration at EVERSANA

Celebrating Women’s History Month 2024 at EVERSANA 

As Women’s History Month 2024 comes to a close, EVERSANA celebrates the incredible achievements and contributions of women around the world. Under the theme “EVERSANA Women Who Advocate for Equity and Women’s Health,” the month was filled with insightful events and activities aimed at empowering and uplifting women in the workplace and beyond. 

Fueling Inspiration: Conversations Over Coffee

A Coffee Break Speaker Series: Women’s History Month edition, featuring discussions led by Kate Joy, Senior Partner, EVERSANA® MANAGEMENT CONSULTING and Joanna Derma, SVP, Head of Client Service and PMO, EVERSANA INTOUCH®. These sessions provided a platform for dialogue on important topics related to women’s empowerment, leadership and personal development. Attendees were inspired by the stories and insights shared, fostering a sense of community and support within the organization. 

Women's History Month at EVERSANA 2024


Empowering Women in Memphis: Celebrating Women Leaders

EVERSANA’s Channel Management team, located in Memphis, went above and beyond to honor Women’s History Month, spotlighting women leaders on digital screens across the office and organizing a shirt-wearing day with empowering themes. Through these initiatives, they championed the achievements of women and fostered a culture of support and unity. Their creativity and dedication exemplify EVERSANA’s commitment to celebrating and empowering women in the workplace. 

Women's History Month at EVERSANA 2024


Global International Women’s Day: Celebrating Diversity and Unity

A highlight of the month was the celebration of Global International Women’s Day, where EVERSANA took part in honoring the achievements of women worldwide. The day was marked by unified recognition of the the many women leaders at EVERSANA. Below is a photo gallery capturing the spirit of the day, showcasing the diverse faces and experiences of women within the EVERSANA community.

Women's History Month at EVERSANA 2024


Empowering Insights: Key Takeaways from HBA International Women’s Day Conference

Two EVERSANA representatives, Katya Svoboda and Vivienne Ho, had the privilege of attending the HBA International Women’s Day Conference. Here are their top takeaways: 

  • Be empowered to be the change that you want to see. 
  • Think of work-life balance as work-life boundaries and set boundaries to step away from work, technology and over-booking yourself. “For everything you say, ‘yes’ to means you say ‘no’ to everything else.” 
  • Ensure you consider all perspectives to avoid group think; listen and understand the ‘why’ to drive inclusivity.  
  • Fight against bias in the workplace through defining objectives, providing opportunities for everyone equally (e.g. open doors and be wary of exclusivity), and proactively working to support inclusivity.  
  • Traditionally, women will give recognition for the team, but should also advocate for themselves and identify allies to create awareness for those who do not advocate for themselves. Embody the art of subtle self-promotion! 


Unleashing Leadership: Insights from Visionary Women

More than 100 colleagues attended two inspiring masterclass streaming sessions to kick off Women’s History Month. The first session featured former Fortune 500 CEO Rosalind Brewer, sharing her expertise in business innovation from her transformative experiences at companies like Walmart and Starbucks. The second session highlighted Martha Stewart’s journey as the first self-made female billionaire, offering valuable insights into sustaining success through determination and resilience. These sessions provided invaluable lessons on making an impact at any organizational level and served as powerful reminders of the limitless potential of female leadership. 

As Women’s History Month draws to a close, EVERSANA remains committed to championing the advancement of women in the workplace and beyond. By fostering a culture of inclusivity, empowerment, and support, we continue to pave the way for a more equitable and prosperous future for all. 

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