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ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition

Join EVERSANA™ at the 64th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting & Exposition December 10-13 in New Orleans, Louisiana to explore the latest technology and research as well as a wide range of new products and services on display. Meet with EVERSANA’s experts to learn how our innovative oncology commercialization model enables our partners to optimize their investments, minimize risk and increase speed to market.

Manufacturers in the oncology space are faced with accelerating speed to market, securing access and affordability and creating stakeholder engagement among other challenges. Third-party partners utilizing traditional commercialization models remain unprepared to navigate these complexities and lack the flexibility to meet the unique needs of respective therapy types, creating a launch process that is too inefficient, cumbersome and costs upwards of $265M on average over the first five years.

Currently, 66% of drugs do not meet launch expectations. Now more than ever, a commercialization partner must have a deep bench of experts, an agile, fit-to-scale model, and assets and personnel to support a range of integrated commercialization services to strategize a successful go-to-market plan.

In response to the needs of the market, EVERSANA’s team of experts created a new way to navigate the most complex oncology commercialization challenges: EVERSANA™ COMPLETE Commercialization, which offers manufacturers an end-to-end commercial strategy, operational excellence and a success-sharing delivery model.

In addition, oncology manufacturers must have commercialization strategies aligned to the unique needs of each therapy type. EVERSANA offers an innovative commercialization model specific to product and patient needs using a system of archetypes that consider tumor type, how the product is administered and the impact of the product on the patient journey. We define the value story for products with our experts in access and evidence, and we leverage data and analytics to support appropriate messaging.

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