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6th Annual CAR-TCR Summit

CAR-TCR Summit

Join EVERSANA at 6th Annual CAR-TCR Summit

As the industry focuses more on specialty therapies, it is imperative that manufacturers move to a patient-centered care model that delivers value enabled by innovative technologies and measured by actionable data.

As the only go-to complete commercialization expert in the industry, EVERSANATM brings together strategy, patient recruitment for clinical trials, HCPs and patient engagement across the patient journey, and warehousing and logistics to support complex transportation needs.

Join EVERSANA live during our virtual September 1st plenary presentation, “Commercial Excellence for CAR-T,” at 9:45 am EST. 

In this session, Faruk Abdullah, Head of U.S. Consulting, EVERSANA™ MANAGEMENT CONSULTING will share his insight on building the future commercialization model designed specifically for CAR-T, including:

  • Key differences between CAR-T and traditional therapies
  • Ideas, tactics and techniques needed to address CAR-T’s unique challenges
  • Navigating the healthcare ecosystem beyond oncology that requires a deep level of interaction and coordination with supply chain, hospital operations, nurses and other key stakeholders
  • The need to not only showcase the product value proposition, but also train on the therapy’s MOA, administration and usage

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