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EVERSANA and Healthjump partner to deepen integration of predictive patient services and enhance RWD-based patient outcomes

Philadelphia and New York — November 19, 2020 — EVERSANA, the pioneer of next-generation commercial services to the global life sciences industry, and Healthjump, the leading healthcare data interoperability platform for accessing EHR systems and integrating comprehensive datasets, today announced a strategic partnership to digitally transform patient services from traditional hub services into data-driven, real-time actions to improve the patient experience and optimize access, affordability and adherence.

Comprehensive health data from the Healthjump platform seamlessly integrates into EVERSANA’s new ACTICS Patient Relationship Management platform based on Salesforce Health Cloud. The platform is among EVERSANA’s significant investments in its technology backbone, ACTICS by EVERSANA™, which combines best-of-breed platforms, digital tools and analytics to orchestrate and optimize end-to-end commercial success for life sciences companies. Through API-driven automated intelligence, machine-learning technology and analytics, ACTICS predicts and drives specific actions in the process of care to expedite the process from diagnosis, enrollment and affordability solutions to distribution and ongoing patient support, delivered by EVERSANA’s dedicated team of patient service coordinators, pharmacists, nurses and clinicians.

“The connection between systems of intelligence and systems of interoperability and integration allow enhancements to the data ecosystem that enable improved outcomes for patients and experiences for providers and institutions,” said Brigham Hyde, President, Data & Analytics, EVERSANA. “Through the integration of ACTICS with Healthjump’s Data Exchange platform, we enable better patient support and reduce burdens on physicians trying to tackle the complex healthcare ecosystem.”

“As the industry continues to develop more and more specialty and complex therapies, the traditional patient services model will no longer meet industry needs,” shared Bhaskar Sambasivan, Patient Services President & Chief Strategy Officer, EVERSANA. “Through ACTICS and the Healthjump partnership, we are building a digital and insights-driven next-generation patient services model that focuses on improving speed to therapy and patient experience, but also significantly increases the ROI and value for the pharma manufacturers.”

“Healthjump has led a multiyear mission to unlock the value of data liquidity within the healthcare ecosystem and empower those that seek to improve patient care and outcomes through data,” said Cliff Cavanaugh, CTO at Healthjump. “The partnership with EVERSANA enables value creation for our clients, improved integration of prediction-driven patient and physician support, and scaled Data and Outcome science expertise and services to enhance RWD-driven patient outcomes.”

In addition, EVERSANA will become the exclusive preferred provider of Real-World Data (RWD) and Outcome science services to Healthjump. This partnership will power even more powerful analytics through EVERSANA’s fully integrated commercial services platform, helping to drive predictive patient services and RWD-based outcomes for the life sciences sector.



EVERSANA™ is the leading provider of global services to the life sciences industry. The company’s integrated solutions are rooted in the patient experience and span all stages of the product lifecycle to deliver long-term, sustainable value for patients, prescribers, channel partners and payers. The company serves more than 500 organizations, including innovative start-ups and established pharmaceutical companies, to advance life sciences solutions for a healthier world. To learn more about EVERSANA, visit or connect through LinkedIn and Twitter.


About Healthjump:

Healthjump™ is a next-generation healthcare interoperability platform, enabling the collection of comprehensive EHR data for over 500 healthcare organizations across the United States. The data collected is used by practices, payers and technology providers to improve outcomes, perform research and inform data-driven products and services. Among administrators, integrators and analysts, Healthjump is their key to overcoming the technical and regulatory barriers that interoperability standards cannot. With over 50 turnkey EHR/PM system integrations, complete source-data access and a multitude of data delivery options, Healthjump is the fastest way to collect and manage health data.


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