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ClinBiz Summit 2020

Connect with top-notch industry speakers  delivering impactful presentations with practical solutions and best practices to take you to the next level in leading and managing the business aspects of clinical trials. Meet the EVERSANA team to learn how we can help drive awareness programs, education and support services to promote adherence and better health outcomes.

ClinBiz Summit September 15th-17th (Tuesday – Thursday) 

Join EVERSANA’s Lacey Bresnahan on TBD, at TBD  as she participates in the panel “Standardization and Innovation in Clinical Outsourcing.”

Talk with our business experts to learn more about how our global commercial solutions provide you with the right strategies and tools to help accelerate your speed to market. Click the button below to schedule a meeting.

See how our Seeker Health platform can be used to recruit, inform and engage hard-to-find patients.  Social Media for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment