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PharmaVOICE Connected Health Showcase

IF I COULD ONLY ASK TWO QUESTIONS, THE FIRST WOULD BE: What is your data integration and analytics platform strategy? As the industry continues its shift to a patient-centric, value-based model of care, it is critical that the next generation of patient services programs integrate data and analytics into their care models to track the […]

Improving Patient Adherence with Behavioral Health Technology

The industry’s shift to outcomes-based, patient-centered care requires new approaches to patient support to achieve adherence and therapeutic success. Today’s patients are also highly motivated information seekers and are taking control of their day-to-day therapy. And, like all modern consumers, they expect outcomes to be personalized, delivered on their terms, powered by technology, and of […]

New Product Commercialization – Webinar

Q. How do you successfully commercialize a new product in the new era of “patient-as-consumer” and “outcomes-based healthcare”? A. You design and deliver an engaging, high-touch patient experience. In this 30 minute webinar, Tom Doyle explains how manufacturers historically relied on a one-size-fits-all HUB model that utilized benchmark data from products in similar therapeutic classes […]

How the “Power of Why” Can Improve Adherence Rates in Rare Disease

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.” — Simon Sinek, Author of Start With Why Best-selling author and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, is best known for his 2009 Ted Talk challenging organizations to set aside their list of product benefits and features to focus […]

Strategies to Ensure Market Success of a Rare Disease Product Launch

Small patient populations, complex administration, high costs of therapies, and government policy interventions are just a few obstacles in rare disease. EVERSANA’s Managing Director, Bill O’Bryon, and Senior Director, Diann Johnson, outline key insights to consider in your launch strategy: Market dynamics impacting rare disease therapies The entire rare community: patients, caregivers, providers & advocates […]

Bringing Humanity Back to Healthcare

As the healthcare industry shifts to patient-centered care, PharmaVOICE asks the question: how do we bring humanity or the human element back into healthcare? As patients become more engaged healthcare consumers and patient advocacy groups more empowered, manufacturers, state governments, and the FDA must continue to make strides to include patient voices in the drug […]

Putting Healthcare IoT in the Home

The Internet of Things are digital tools that enable patients and providers to stay connected by exchanging data in new and exciting ways. The advent of these tools, such as wearables, allow healthcare providers to monitor patients in the home setting by collecting critical health information in real time. This allows for earlier intervention and […]

Gross-to-Net Improvement Through Holistic Revenue Enhancement

Consistent price increases have long been a staple of commercial strategy for pharmaceutical manufacturers. From this uplift in topline revenue, more sizable discounts can be provided to industry middlemen, like pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), in order to secure more favorable formulary positioning. Rather than continue forward with traditional market access strategies, manufacturers should consider revenue […]

Adopting a Patient-Centric Approach to Ensure Safe and Effective Use

Healthcare leaders often talk about ensuring that the right patient receives the right medication at the right time. On its face, this concept seems straightforward. We know that different patients respond differently to different therapies, such that we cannot consistently replicate randomized clinical trial experience in the real world. Thus, healthcare providers (HCPs) must make […]

Patients at the Center of Safe and Effective Therapy

First, do no harm. This phrase is synonymous with the Hippocratic oath, the oldest reference to ethics in Western medicine, and it highlights what is generally considered most important in a physician’s medical practice. Help if you can, but not at the risk of further injury to the patient. The spirit of this oath carries […]