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Doing the Right Things Right: A Perspective on Rare Disease Drug Development

Millions of patients with rare diseases have benefited from the emphasis biopharmaceutical companies have put on the development of orphan drugs over the last decades. The more patients served, the more complex and challenging it becomes, requiring pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare stakeholders to work collaboratively to ensure patients have access to innovative rare disease […]

WODC 2020 Insights: Innovative Value and Access Strategies

Innovative rare disease therapies deserve innovative value and access strategies.  With over 1,500 attendees from 50+ countries, the World Orphan Drug Congress featured four days of education, conversation and brainstorming dedicated to drug development and commercialization. EVERSANA’s CEO, Jim Lang, had the esteemed honor of hosting Pfizer’s Vice President of Rare Disease, Patient & Health […]

Why are We Settling for Mediocre Patient Services Programs?

Patient Services Programs Are Falling Short To give credit where credit is due, pharmaceutical manufacturers make a tremendous – and well-intended – effort to alleviate the product access obstacles and burdens patients and providers often endure when a new medication is prescribed. While interactive wellness apps, generous co-pay card offerings and essential patient assistance programs […]

Advancing Beyond the Traditional Patient Adherence Model

Delivering value in the era of empowered patients renders the one-size-fit-all patient services program obsolete. Not every treatment journey is consistently linear within a disease state because patients take different paths to medication adherence. For example, one patient may be compliant when prompted by a smartphone notification while another relies on a caregiver for their […]

Accelerating Rare Liver Disease Study Enrollment

An emerging clinical stage biotech contracted with EVERSANA to conduct Phase II trial enrollment support for an ultra-rare liver disease through our Seeker Health platform. Because of the ultra-rare patient population and nature of the therapy, the client expected significant recruitment challenges. Read more, download the full case study: Learn more about Seeker Health® by […]

PharmaVOICE Connected Health Showcase

IF I COULD ONLY ASK TWO QUESTIONS, THE FIRST WOULD BE: What is your data integration and analytics platform strategy? As the industry continues its shift to a patient-centric, value-based model of care, it is critical that the next generation of patient services programs integrate data and analytics into their care models to track the […]

Proactive Steps to Ensure Appropriate Utilization of the First Disease-Modifying Therapy for Alzheimer Disease

Widespread hope exists that aducanumab will soon gain Food and Drug Administration approval as the first disease-modifying therapy for patients with mild cognitive impairment associated with Alzheimer disease (AD), which could significantly impact the management of AD. If approved, challenges need to be addressed to properly identify patients who will benefit from treatment and ensure […]

How COVID-19 Has Changed Payer Engagement Strategies

The healthcare industry is rightly focused on COVID-19 and its impact on patient care and allocation or utilization of healthcare resources. However, we cannot lose sight of our responsibility to provide appropriate therapeutic options for the over 150 million Americans who suffer from chronic diseases, including the 25-35 million Americans who suffer from rare diseases. […]

A Patient Hero

Making the Patient an Extension of the Team The concept of patient-centricity is well embedded throughout EVERSANA and is intrinsically tied to helping the agency’s clients achieve their goals. Kristin LaBounty Phillips believes that the entire agency — with a unified commitment to quality in addressing patients’ needs — embodies the concept of “patient hero.” […]