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Oncolytic Biosimilars: An Opportunity to Reduce Oncology Treatment Costs

Inclusion of oncology biosimilars in clinical pathways is one approach to reducing costs in this therapeutic area without compromising outcomes for cancer patients. There are currently eight Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved oncolytic biosimilars in the US market. Patients, providers, payers, policymakers, and manufacturers are all stakeholders that will be affected by these new biosimilars—and […]

Global Biosimilar Competitor Assessment – Who Wins in Biosimilar Access and Why?

The introduction of biosimilar products has created interesting changes in payer behavior across the global markets. For both innovator and biosimilar companies, it has been an effort to understand the demands of payers and succeed in what looked like a ‘winner-takes-all’ opportunity. As the first round of biosimilar introductions has passed, there are some interesting […]

Building a Service Offering from the Research Lab to the Patient’s Home

A Conversation with Pharmaceutical Commerce & Jim Lang, Chief Executive Officer, EVERSANA Not quite a year ago, an assemblage of pharma service providers came into being as EVERSANA. Funded by two private equity firms with a background in healthcare—Water Street Healthcare Partners and JLL Partners, there were six acquisitions at the time: Dohmen Life Science […]

EVERSANA, Patient Experience Project featured in MM&M July Issue

Each year, Medical Marketing & Media compiles a list of the top 100 medical marketing agencies in North America. As MM&M Editor Stephen Madden shares at the opening of the July issue, “A typical issue of MM&M has 56 pages; with 244, this beast has almost five times as many.” From agencies A to Z, […]

New start versus switch patients for biosimilars?

Over the last several years, European market demand for biosimilars has accelerated with the entry of biosimilars for many reference biologics, including high-value molecules such as adalimumab, infliximab and etanercept. However, there have been reported variations between products and at the different levels of the healthcare system across markets. In order to investigate how the […]

Care pathways—do you know where your biosimilars are used?

Biological therapies are often very expensive, putting pressure on healthcare budgets that are already restricted and potentially resulting in a decrease in patient access to treatment, in Europe biosimilar versions have been eagerly awaited in many high value therapies in order to reduce costs and increase patient access. However, it is also clear that the […]

Is your biosimilar product on the payer radar?

Biosimilars have been eagerly awaited in many European countries to realize cost savings from the biologics budget. Gaining insight on how European decision makers are currently prioritizing these biosimilars and how they expect this to shift by 2023 will allow a better understanding of the strategies that may prioritize revenue sources, identifying specific markets and […]