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Webinar: Improve Hub Performance and Patient Outcomes

The use of health data technologies and analytics in the life sciences industry continues to evolve, but many manufacturers are still crawling around in the dark. With limited in-person patient and provider-rep interactions, hubs that lack synergized technology and data are struggling to understand access and adherence barriers – and, most importantly, new and unexpected patient needs. These hubs are also unable to provide the manufacturers’ commercial and compliance teams with actionable insights that allow them to personalize their messages to patients and targeted providers. As a result, manufacturers are missing more outreach opportunities than ever before. And faster, more direct treatment access for patients is becoming critical, as prescription fill rates and conversion to therapy rates are on the decline.

In this informative session from the 2021 CBI Hub & SPP Model Optimization Conference, industry leaders explain how to utilize predictive analytics and data to build better patient services programs.

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Maria Kirsch
President, Patient Services

Maria Kirsch is a decisive, strategic and forward-thinking leader with more than 20 years of experience across operational excellence and strategic development in the pharmaceutical industry. She previously served as Head of Patient Experience,…