Technology + Compliance = Improved Models of Care in Life Science Services

Compliance is a broad and extremely important area in almost every industry and more so in life sciences as it directly and indirectly impacts patient lives. Because the life science industry is continuously evolving, we are challenged to incorporate solutions into our planning that address potential complexities inherent with this evolution. This complex regulatory environment touches practically every facet of our business. And, it is precisely for this reason that there are so many organizations, both internal and external, within companies and government agencies focused on ensuring that everyone is compliant regardless of the function or group they belong to – Finance, IT, Security, Regulatory, Clinical, Commercial, Safety, Medical Affairs, Devices, Caregiver and also the patient for compliance with her medication.

In the September issue of Pharma Tech Outlook, Bhaskar Sambasivan, President, Patient Services and Chief Strategy Officer, and Herbert Lee, PharmD, Senior Vice President, Medical Communications and Pharmacovigilance, share their insight into the cost of noncompliance, technology innovations and advancements, and the roadblocks to implementing a successful compliance program.

“Technology and Compliance Equals Improved Models of Care”
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Bhaskar Sambasivan
President, Patient Services & Chief Strategy Officer

Bhaskar leads the Patient Services Business Unit and also serves as EVERSANA’s Chief Strategy Officer. Previously he was the global head of the life sciences business at a large multinational services company. Widely recognized as a leader in life sciences, Bhaskar blends his commitment to best-in-class patient services with a passion for leading digital transformations […]

Herbert Lee, PharmD, MBA
Senior Vice President, Medical Communications & Pharmacovigilance

Herbert Lee, PharmD, MBA is leading the Pharmacovigilance, Medical Communications and Quality teams for EVERSANA.   He has over 30 years of experience managing medical information and communication services. He drives the vision to create an efficient, effective and easy to use health experience by providing contact center services on behalf of our clients, using an […]