Ensuring Speed, Scale and Certainty in Supply Chain

Every twist and turn in the bench-to-bedside commercialization journey introduces increasing regulatory complexity, product-specific special handling requirements, and evolving industry guidelines. With more than 300 client case studies to draw from, we’ve found three opportunities (or pitfalls) that manufacturers must address in their channel distribution strategy:

  1. How quickly can you get your product into your patients’ hands?
  2. What will happen tomorrow if demand doubles tomorrow?
  3. Are you prepared for regulatory scrutiny?

Download “Navigating Channel Distribution in a New (and more complex) Biopharma World” to learn how to ensure economic success and operational efficiency.

Danny Williams
Channel Management and Compliance

With more than two decades of account management, business development, and sales experience, Danny is well suited to lead the channel services team at EVERSANA. He has partnered with clients to develop solutions to…