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The healthcare industry is reaching new heights in innovation, and as new drugs are founded, owners of biotech companies must decide whether or not they want to independently bring their product to market. 

Developing and successfully commercializing a biopharma product is no small undertaking. The multi-year journey is fraught with clinical, financial and operational uncertainties that many companies fail to overcome. By time the company reaches commercialization, founders usually see more than 90% reduction in equity overall. 

What if there was a low-risk alternative to circumvent equity dilution, allowing founders to have the best of both worlds? In today’s market – this option does exist. 

Download this article to learn how to play “Dilution Dodgeball” as you successfully commercialize your product and enhance and retain your business value.  


Sowbhagya is an Associate Consultant at EVERSANA APAC. She has more than 2 years of experience in healthcare. She has worked with several MNC clients on market entry assessments, valuation of assets in rare…

Tanuj Mehra
Senior Partner

Tanuj Mehra brings more than a decade of experience working at the intersection of commercial and R&D with both large pharmaceutical and smaller biopharma clients. He has led numerous global engagements with leading Fortune…

Faruk Abdullah
President, Professional Services and Chief Business Officer

Faruk is a life sciences professional with extensive experience addressing a broad range of strategic issues, including corporate development, portfolio planning, and launch excellence.