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Develop Patient Support Programs Focused on Patients

Tom Doyle was featured in a Specialty Pharmacy Continuum feature article on “Keeping Patients the Focus of Patient Support Programs.” The May 2019 article reported on CBI’s recent Patient Assistance and Access Programs 2019 conference, at which Tom presented “Measuring the Impact of Patient Support Programs.” Tom’s presentation highlighted the evolution of patient support programs from access-focused to patient-centered. To read the key takeaways from Tom’s presentation:

In the Specialty Pharmacy Continuum article, Tom advocates that patient-centric thinking needs to be in place before creating patient support programs for many reasons, one being that the patient dynamic has changed as patients are starting to drive their own care decisions.

To read the full article:

Tom Doyle
Senior Vice President of Commercial Solutions

With more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in both brand and distribution, Tom is a widely recognized leader and sought after speaker in hub, pharmacy and patient support solutions. Prior…