Decoding ICER: Successful Pharma Engagement with ICER for U.S. HTA Review

How pharmaceutical and Biotech companies engaged ICER drives the outcome. Reactive responses to ICER review have led to poor outcomes and numerous downstream impacts to payer access and pricing. Cohesive enterprise engagement has demonstrated significantly better recommendations and less pressure for the US payer community. Unfortunately, ‘reactive-response’ is more common than ‘enterprise engagement.’


Managing an ICER review is a time critical process with multiple checkpoints and opportunities to engage in the process. The process will define a transparent flow. However, the large number of steps combined with speed or review requires that the manufacturer has plans and all data available long before the review begins…

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“Decoding ICER: Successful Pharma Engagement with ICER for U.S. HTA Review”
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Heather Lee Whipple
Senior Vice President, Health Strategies

Heather Lee is responsible for leading and expanding the brand market access insights capabilities within Health Strategies Insights, the comprehensive market access research and insights portfolio, in order to help life science innovators make more informed decisions throughout the product lifecycle. With more than 20 years of experience leading market access strategy and innovation, Heather […]