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Access to treatments for rare diseases depends on a delicate balance of a price that allows for the development of innovative therapies while also being considered “affordable.” At the opposite end of the spectrum are barriers to access based on a price that is considered cost prohibitive; utilization is limited in an effort to control costs. The balance between these two opposing access decision-making contingencies will determine the degree to which patients with rare diseases will receive the treatments they need.

In the June 2019 issue of Med Ad News, Dr. Richard Stefanacci and Matthew Pakizegee, PharmD, discuss current market factors impacting payers, manufacturers, and patients, and the innovative partnerships required to ensure appropriate access for rare disease treatments.

“Market Access to Current and Future Rare Disease Treatments”
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Dr. Richard Stefanacci
Chief Medical Director

Richard has focused his career on improving health outcomes, especially for some of the most vulnerable populations. This has been achieved through several avenues, beginning with his continued active role as a treating internist/geriatrician.…