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8 Healthtech Trends For 2023

2023 is here, and with it comes foreshadowing of what the year will bring. In the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, it’s not different. In fact, many have already made their predictions for the new year, including our experts at EVERSANA INTOUCH, who shared their 7th annual white paper on “Trends That Will Shape Pharma Marketing in 2023” in late November.

And as technology continues to evolve at lightning speed across the globe, it’s also changing how healthcare brands interact with physicians, payor and most importantly, patients.

Here’s what we see as eight trends that will define 2023.

  1. Decentralized Healthcare – Care delivery and health data will continue to move more to the edge. The big focus here will be helping diagnosis and treatment decisions be executed in the most convenient setting for patients. Privacy and security remain paramount in delivering on this promise.
  2. “Phygital” Over Digital – Yes, it’s the digital era, but patients and caregivers will continue to expect to be able to interact seamlessly across a range of physical and digital touchpoints based on their unique situations and needs. We must continue to find the optimal mix of experiences that patients and their caregivers want – and expect.
  3. Zero-party Data – Unlike 3rd party and 1st party data, zero-party data is created when users willingly volunteer their personal data to your brand based on seeing clear benefits in return. Companies that can get more consumers to share their information willingly will have a significant engagement advantage in a “cookie-less future.”
  4. Dr. Patient – With the growth of health apps, self-diagnostics, and patient educational resources, patients will continue to become co-producers of their own healthcare. In doing so, they will circumvent traditional care models if they are impeding their path to diagnosis and treatment. More than ever, the patients are in the driver’s seat.
  5. Co-botics for Care – As care moves to the home, including patients with low mobility, robotic technology that can work alongside patients will be critical to empowering care in these environments. This will especially ring true with ongoing critical shortages in clinicians and caregivers to attend to these patients.
  6. Data Commons – It is clear no one company owns all the data needed to drive effective R&D and commercialization of new personalized therapies. So, with this comes opportunity, including new data-sharing methods that maintain privacy and security while allowing many stakeholders to contribute their data, including patients.
  7. Health Storefront – Patients are, first and foremost, consumers, and their lives revolve more around their retail experience than visiting their doctor. Integrating more complex care into retail settings will be vital to improving access to the masses.
  8. Democratized AI – While AI has had several misfires in delivering real impact in improving diagnosis and care decisions, it continues to have the opportunity to transform health equity by identifying care and affordability gaps for underserved communities. Explainable AI will create greater transparency and allow patients to better train their own algorithms, and much more.

These are some of the trends that will shape the year ahead. Brand and organizations that invest in new ways of thinking, innovation and technologies will be the ones who create the biggest impact – both on their bottom line, but most importantly, on the lives of patients they touch.

Here’s to a great 2023!

Scott Snyder
Chief Digital Officer

Scott serves as EVERSANA’s Chief Digital Officer, driving digital transformation for employees, clients, and the patients we serve. He brings more than 30 years of experience in emerging technologies and digital transformation across both…