Product Positioning

Maximizing a product’s potential in a competitive market means making the most of its advantages by making them clear to customers: positioning the product effectively against competitors. The overriding ambition is to make the product the standard of care and the first choice of treatment. This requires deep understanding of how the product’s combination of clinical and economic virtues can address gaps in the desired level of treatment quality. With our strong clinical platform and commercial capabilities supplemented by specific market research, we address these pressing requirements throughout the product life cycle.

  • Pre-launch commercialization phase:
    • Patient journey mapping to identify needs
    • Assessment of product capacity to fill the needs, using TPP-based research
    • Competitive product capacity analysis to fill needs better than competitors
  • Post-launch in-market phase:
    • Detailed brand diagnostics to understand the effect of outreach and communication of proposed positioning in subsequent translation to customer loyalty-based uptake

Our clinical and commercial experts have successfully developed positioning, supported brand redirection and answered questions about the optimum fit of new and existing products across therapy areas and geographies in Europe.


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