Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement

Both public and private healthcare expenditures are coming under increasing pressure as costs rise as a fraction of GNP and new treatments outstrip patients’ ability to pay. The right pricing and market access strategy is essential to ensure patients can benefit from new therapies, as well as deliver commercial success for any new product launch. Irrespective of reimbursement status, it is vital to identify the best path to address price sensitivity and fast, reliable access routes to as many patients as possible. EVERSANA specializes in actionable solutions based on our deep understanding of pricing and access complexities presented by US markets of interest to EU clients. Our services include:

  • Price sensitivity analysis using analogs sourced from our in-house proprietary data repository which is continuously updated
  • Assessment of reference pricing mechanisms and their likely impact across markets
  • Analysis of the acceptability of different pricing structures (flat, linear, non-linear)
  • Description of potential reimbursement scenarios based on opinions from our payer advisor network as a foundation for probability-based market opportunity assessments
  • Market research focused price sensitivity statistical tools to derive uptake at the practice level
  • Test Patient Affordability Program specific concepts to gauge commercial success in non-reimbursed markets

We have successfully advised our clients across the Europe region and western markets with varied levels of public reimbursement coverage.

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