Market Entry Strategy

Europe markets provide an important growth opportunity for biopharma, MedTech, and OTC companies. However, confidently making decisions on whether and how to enter is not trivial. Regulatory, competitive, and reimbursement landscapes are evolving and increase decision complexity significantly. Targeting multiple countries in the region for an asset or portfolio launch only complicates the matter further, especially where the company is not legally present and must decide whether to enter itself or via a partnership, service agreement or joint venture.

EVERSANA, with its presence in all the important markets of Europe and a vast network of experts and KOLs, helps companies on managing this complexity to make decisions. We help our clients:

  • Appropriately frame the opportunity
  • Develop creative and doable entry alternatives and gain alignment for evaluation
  • Use point of view and probabilistic assessment approaches to account for the uncertainties that drive outcomes for each entry alternative
  • Explicitly quantify the full range of outcomes for each alternative on value measures such as NPV, risk, timing and peak revenues
  • Facilitate decision-makers in making trade-offs to choose the right alternative

Our experts have supported many clients, from emerging to multinational biopharma, OTC, and MedTech companies to enter the EU market and benefit from the region’s opportunity.


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