Life Cycle Management

Life cycle management (LCM) adds significantly to an asset’s commercial value by extending and potentially diversifying its income. Prioritizing potential indications, formulations and delivery systems for core in-market products, deciding on resource allocations to pursue them and establishing launch timing and sequence are some of the most important choices biopharma companies make.

Our teams bring decision making, scientific, commercial, regulatory, geographical and domain expertise to help our clients make difficult trade-offs in their decision-making.

We assist our clients in taking LCM decisions by helping ideate options for additional value creation by means of product reformulation, combination or delivery. We assess the value and risk in these options to combat genericization, as well as indication extensions or “fighter brand” development. We then perform the financial analysis to prioritize allocation of R&D and commercial resources to opportunities to provide the maximum “bang for the buck”.

We make these trade-offs explicit by quantifying the full range of outcomes for each choice and transition of value and risk among choices.

Clients engage us at all stages of their assets’ life cycles to help them frame, develop alternatives, financially evaluate and ultimately make these decisions.

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