Digital Business Strategy

Digital technology is already pervasive in all walks of life and shows no signs of slowing its penetration. Healthcare companies are in the early stages of integrating this source of productivity, creativity, access, monitoring and delivery into their business, ideating and experimenting with new approaches, and entrepreneurs are targeting the industry with disruptive innovations. The first to learn and apply lessons successfully will gain enormous advantage. At EVERSANA, we have leaders who pioneered digital therapeutic applications for consumer and prescription use, and we have supported US market leaders in their commercialization, experiencing with them the challenges and victories of early entrants leading in their spaces.

  • Digital Strategy: Review of existing approach, development of strategic digital options for internal and external application, evaluation and analysis of options including risk sources and mitigation, and implementation agenda development for selected strategy
  • Market Landscaping & Opportunity Assessment: Assess existing state of the market, including products under development and competitive dynamics, target patient groups, unmet needs and product prospects
  • Ideation & Value Boost: Evaluate existing portfolio and ideation by our experts on digital potential to create opportunities to enhance existing products, prioritization and implementation map for selected ideas
  • Valuation & Financing Support: Review and financial evaluation of opportunities in development or early-stage commercialization for support in pitches to financing sources

Our leaders have identified and commercialized opportunities and products, started and financed companies, and are in demand as speakers and writers to share their perspectives with digital aspirants. Our consultants have supported industry leaders in developing and launching their digital concepts.


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