Asset Strategy

Today’s biggest challenge for pharma is securing an adequate pipeline of innovative products. So, when an asset in development seems promising, it is vital to maximize its value. Choices are expensive and outcomes are uncertain, especially in new areas with competitors racing you to the launch pad. EVERSANA’s consultants help frame the challenge, develop the options and value the asset under different scenarios, leading to clarity of trade-offs and quality decisions.

  • Asset Development Strategy: Definition and evaluation of TPPs under different trial choices, combining decision analysis and financial analysis to trade off risk and return and define the best path forward
  • Asset Commercial Strategy: Positioning, landscape and competitive analysis including, regulatory and pricing uncertainties, to make the most of an in-market asset
  • Asset Valuation: If an asset is the subject of licensing, partnership or outright sale agreements, negotiation support using a valuation methodology incorporating probability and uncertain events to yield a clear value under the full range of scenarios
  • Loss of Exclusivity: If an asset faces generic competition upon LoE, pricing, fighter brand and/or partnership approaches to maintain as much value as possible with a choice between creative approaches that have been rigorously evaluated

We have supported many clients, from smaller to multinational pharma and MedTech companies, across the Europe markets in obtaining the highest value from choosing the right path for their individual assets.

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