Launch Strategy & Planning

Pharmaceutical companies have only one opportunity to launch a product – they must make the most of that opportunity. Without strong planning and strategy, a successful launch can only be the result of luck. Assuring launch success requires executing both strategy and planning, yet many companies reaching the end of long clinical journeys for their assets fail to prioritize launches.

Our experience suggests that proper launch planning results in launches with an increased success rate.  Key tactics employed by successful launches include developing a detailed and explicit multi-functional launch roadmap, monitoring the progress of activities, monitoring launch progress against objective KPIs and choosing a handful of critical factors on which to focus.

Successful launches focus on three major areas:

  • Strategy: Define the market, develop assumptions, and create strategic imperatives to lay a foundation for planning and management
  • Planning: Develop a launch blueprint that identifies functional teams, deliverable, and activities combined into an agenda, allowing team leads to best manage a launch.
  • Management: Monitor and assist the progress of an asset before, during, and after a launch, allowing the team to generate reports on progress

EVERSANA’s launch solutions use our proven launch framework to integrate business strategy, project management, automation technology and analytics to support our clients through the entire launch planning process from designing the blueprint to supporting launch plan implementation.

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