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Denmark, Iceland, & Norway Conclude First Joint Nordic Tendering

Country: DENMARK, ICELAND, NORWAY | Region: EUROPE, NORDICS | Type: Tender | Keywords: #generics #jointprocurement #nordictendering #patentexpiry #suppliers PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The first joint Nordic tendering intended to combine Denmark, Iceland, and Norway into “one large, attractive Nordic market for selected hospital pharmaceuticals,” particularly older medicines with expired patents that have been on the market for some time and have little competition Bente Hayes, Procurement Director at Norge Sykenusinnkjop HF, Divisjon Legemidler, […]

Spain Authorizes Centralized Purchase of 391 Million Euros Worth of Medicines

Country: SPAIN | Region: EUROPE | Type: Regulation | Keywords: #antianemicagents #antineoplasticagents #centralizedpurchase #immunomodulatoryagents #immunosuppressants #sns PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Council of Ministers has authorized the centralized purchase of 391 million euros worth of medicines under which manufacturers will be selected to supply different active principles at an estimated savings of 128 million euros for Spain’s National Health System (SNS) Spain is looking primarily at immunosuppressants for autoimmune diseases […]

FDA Releases Guidance on Gene Therapy Manufacturing, Clinical Development

Country: UNITED STATES | Region: NORTH AMERICA | Type: Policy | Keywords: #clinicaldevelopment #fda #genetherapy #guidance PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Food and Drug Administration has approved 4 gene therapy products thus far, and anticipates many more approvals in the coming years, as evidenced by the more than 900 investigational new drug (IND) applications for ongoing clinical studies in this area To support the continued development of gene therapies, […]

Ireland’s Pharma Industry Group Urges Parties Create New Medicines Policy

Country: IRELAND | Region: EUROPE | Type: Policy | Keywords: #hse #ipha #newmedicinespolicy #patientaccess #pricingandreimbursement #sustainability PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA), the representative body of the international originator biopharmaceutical industry in Ireland, has urged all political parties to pledge to improve patients’ access to new medicines as part of their plans for health during general elections Ireland is among the slowest in Western Europe to provide […]

China Wraps Up Round 2 of Centralized Drug

PurchaseCountry: CHINA | Region: ASIA & SOUTH PACIFIC | Type: Regulation | Keywords: #bmi #drugpurchase #nhsa #pricereductions #shanghaidrugpurchasenetwork #tender PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Shanghai Drug Purchase Network, the National Health Security Administration’s (NHSA) executive for Round 2 of the National Level Centralized Drug Purchase Program, announced that Round 2 includes the purchase of 33 drugs regarding 50 specifications According to Chinese media, the average price reduction by prevailing suppliers […]

Luxembourg to Create Agency for Medicines, Health Products

Country: LUXEMBOURG | Region: EUROPE | Type: Regulation | Keywords: #almps #drugsafety #drugshortages #medicinesagency PRICENTRIC BRIEF: Since Luxembourg is currently one of the only European countries not to have a National Medicines and Health Products Agency, the Government Council approved a bill establishing the Luxembourg Agency for Medicines and Health Products (ALMPS) to oversee competences in the field of drugs, medical devices, and other health products such […]

South Korea Agrees to Numerous Arrangements with European Counterparts

Country: FRANCE, SOUTH KOREA, SWITZERLAND | Region: ASIA & SOUTH PACIFIC, EUROPE | Type: Regulation | Keywords: #ansm #drugapproval #europeandirectorate #gmpinspection #swissmedic PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety agreed to a joint trust arrangement for good manufacturing practice (GMP) with the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Swissmedic, a deal that will lessen the drug approval procedure for local biopharmaceutical firms by excusing them from Swiss GMP assessment Moreover, […]

The Netherlands to Set Lower Maximum Prices

Country: NETHERLANDS | Region: EUROPE | Type: Reference Pricing (IRP) | Keywords: #maximumdrugprices #medicinespricesact #ministryofmedicalcare #patentedmedicines #policy #regulation PRICENTRIC BRIEF: Since 1996, a maximum price for medicines in the Netherlands has been based on the average price in Germany, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom; however, the Netherlands is swapping out Germany for Norway, where prices tend to be lower Bruno Bruins, Minister of Medical Care, said, […]