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Trade and Channel Strategies

EVERSANA™ is a proud sponsor of Informa Connect’s Trade & Channel Strategies delivered as a hybrid event, December 11-13 in Philadelphia, PA and online. Visit our booth or schedule a meeting with EVERSANA’s experts to learn how EVERSANA leads the way in optimizing the distribution and financial aspects, such as gross-to-net, of pharmaceutical products.

Linking Channel Distribution & 3PL to Non-Traditional Commercialization Touchpoints:

To be competitive, maximize products and deliver exceptional customer service, trade and channel strategies must go beyond logistics. This presentation will outline how manufacturers need to connect the dots between customer type, whether they are specialty distributors, specialty pharmacies, market access, or revenue management, to improve strategic contracting decisions to impact ROI and GTN. Leveraging the connectivity of these areas can aid in unlocking value with data-driven insights on the efficiency of a selected model and delivering benefit to the brand. Those embracing this strategic approach will be better positioned to meet the needs of their customers and stakeholders while staying ahead in the ever-changing pharma landscape.

Date/Time: Day 1, December 11 10:45-11:30 A.M.


  • Natalie Rush, Senior Consultant, Specialty Consulting
  • Robert Blank, Director, Revenue Management

Navigating the Intricacies of Specialty Therapies

Specialty therapies often require specialized handling and distribution networks to reach their intended destinations, such as specialty pharmacies or infusion centers. Given their higher costs and niche patient populations, coordinated revenue services become crucial for appropriate pricing, securing reimbursement, and maximizing revenue. Specialty drugs also tend to face reimbursement challenges and market access barriers, necessitating a strategic alignment between channel management and revenue services to overcome these obstacles. Furthermore, the complex nature of specialty drugs demands data-driven decision-making, emphasizing the critical role of analytics in monitoring distribution channels, assessing patient adherence, and optimizing pricing strategies.

Synergy Between Effective Channel Management and Revenue Services is Paramount

Channel management and revenue services play essential roles in optimizing the distribution and financial aspects of pharmaceutical products, especially complex specialty products which often include complex distribution needs, high costs, and limited patient populations. EVERSANA’s integrated and well-coordinated approach ensures that these drugs reach the right patients, are priced competitively, and navigate reimbursement challenges to ultimately maximize their impact on patient outcomes. With Specialty Consulting Services powered by analytics and insights, our experts are enabled to devise strategies that address potential and known critical barriers encountered throughout the entire product journey and how gross-to-net will be impacted.

EVERSANA Solves for Obstacles in Specialty Drug Management

  • Complex Distribution Networks: Specialized handling and distribution are essential for specialty drugs, necessitating effective channel management to ensure these products reach intended destinations like specialty pharmacies, healthcare providers, or infusion centers. Optimization of the distribution network is crucial for maintaining the integrity of these sensitive products.
  • High Costs and Limited Patient Populations: Specialty drugs, designed for specific patient populations with rare or complex conditions, incur higher costs. Efficient revenue services are vital for appropriately pricing these products, ensuring payer reimbursement, and maximizing revenue within the limited patient pool.
  • Reimbursement Challenges: The high costs and prior authorization requirements for specialty drugs often pose reimbursement challenges. Coordinated efforts between channel management and revenue services are critical to overcoming these obstacles, with aligned distribution strategies and reimbursement models ensuring timely patient access.
  • Patient Support Programs: Comprehensive patient support programs, including financial assistance and adherence initiatives, accompany many specialty drugs. Channel management ensures effective delivery of these support services, while revenue services align them with reimbursement models to sustain their effectiveness.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: In the specialty drug space, both channel management and revenue services heavily rely on data and analytics for monitoring distribution channels, assessing patient adherence, and optimizing pricing strategies. Data-driven decision-making is essential for adapting strategies in response to market dynamics and payer preferences.
  • Market Access Barriers: Stringent payer requirements and the need for specialty pharmacies often create market access barriers for specialty drugs. Coordinated efforts between channel management and revenue services are instrumental in navigating these barriers, ensuring accessibility and appropriate reimbursement for patients.

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