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65th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition

EVERSANA is attending the 65th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition December 9-12, 2023, in San Diego, California. Schedule a meeting with our oncology experts to discuss the capabilities of EVERSANA ONCOLOGY Commercialization™ and the impact the model has made on our partners. 

About EVERSANA ONCOLOGY Commercialization™ 

Dedicated to accelerating patient access in oncology, EVERSANA has assembled a deep bench of industry experts to form a true center of excellence across all services lines and provider administered therapies. Regardless of company size or stage of commercialization, EVERSANA ONCOLOGY Commercialization™ meets each manufacturer where they are to maximize and complement existing internal resources and offers a customizable infrastructure formulated to meet the unique needs of each partner, tumor type and patient journey.  

In market full of complexities, stringent competition and evolving FDA interactions, EVERSANA ONCOLOGY Commercialization™ is uniquely positioned to quickly and decisively pivot in response to market changes. 

Access to a deep bench of industry experts accelerates access and positively impact patient outcomes. 

EVERSANA has oncology expertise across all commercial services lines and understands provider administered therapies, including oral oncolytics, and provides solutions that no other service provider can do, such as a distribution network and right sized patient services for oncology product. Our first-in-class industry knowledge aids manufacturers in navigating key influence points within the healthcare ecosystem and support patients through the navigation of access, reimbursement and affordability barriers is essential to success of a product. 

This deep bench also allows our partners to access specialized networks and tap into expertise that may not be available in-house or would require substantial investments to build a proper team, quickly filling in knowledge and capabilities gaps. Additionally, EVERSANA ONCOLOGY Commercialization™ provides manufacturers with the expertise to assemble custom strategies to validate their technology and product concepts and to optimize their commercial plans. 

An agile and customizable infrastructure formulated to meet the unique needs of each partner, tumor type and patient journey. 

The oncology market is not the same as it was 20 years ago. Traditional go-to-market playbooks are rigid and were designed for “block buster” drugs. Ultimately, these strategies lack the key ability to keep pace with the frequent changes and complexities of the oncology market and specialization and requirements of treatments. Since its inception, EVERSANA ONCOLOGY Commercialization™ was designed respond to smaller patient populations in the indication, competition, changing patient journeys and evolving interactions with the FDA. 

Our innovative commercialization model deploys strategies specific to product and patient needs using a system of archetypes that consider therapy type, how the product is administered and the impact of the therapy on the patient journey. This unique flexibility allows manufacturers to customize strategies, build functional service areas and pull tactics in and out based on real-time data and needs. 

A true partnership structure that delivers more value than traditional licensing or launching on your own. 

With all commercial services under one roof, EVERSANA ONCOLOGY Commercialization™ enables high visibility and connectivity between services to manage costs, lower compliance and competitive risks, and increase speed to launch in today’s complex market and, ultimately, provide timely patient access. First time launchers avoid incurring additional investments to build up their infrastructure and experienced launchers with broad portfolios can leverage EVERSANA’s oncology expertise to optimize the commercialization of their oncology products and simultaneously focus on their core competencies. 

About Our Partners 

EVERSANA is a proud partner to 20+ oncology manufacturers including Macrogenics, Shorla and Chemo Mouth Piece.  

Schedule a meeting today to learn more about EVERSANA ONCOLOGY Commercialization™.