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JP Morgan 42nd Annual Healthcare Conference

Our experts will be onsite at JP Morgan (San Francisco, January 8-11). Join them to explore commercialization models and options for your assets. EVERSANA offers alternatives to selling, out-licensing or launching internally. Join us for a conversation.

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The life sciences sector has been long overdue for transformation. Fueled by increasing pressures on both established and emerging pharmaceutical companies, combined with investment market volatility, regional and regulatory complexities, and the need to improve both brand value and patient impact, we reinvented commercialization.

EVERSANA provides the industry’s only option for fully integrated commercial services to solve any drug pricing, promotion, access, reimbursement, adherence, or product delivery challenge.

Transformed by data and digital innovation, EVERSANA activates our future-ready infrastructure and proven industry expertise to manage the complete launch and commercialization of your product portfolio or address specific program or patient needs. 

Explore a few of our commercial models: 

  • EVERSANA COMPLETE Commercialization– full access to ready-to-deploy, high-performance commercialization and distribution engine; mitigate the risk of having to build commercial infrastructure 
  • EVERSANA REIGNITE – built for large pharma established brand portfolios – Maximize product value before its loss of exclusivity, and optimize revenue at the late stages of the product life cycle