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Medicaid & Government Pricing Congress

Join EVERSANA at Informa Connect’s Medicaid & Government Pricing Congress May 16-18 in Washington, D.C., to conquer the complex regulatory guidelines and evolve strategies to contract, report and comply with federal and state healthcare programs. Schedule a meeting with EVERSANA’s Revenue Management experts or visit our booth. 

Attendees can expect to hear from leading Government Pricing experts on MDRP trends, strategies and impacts, including EVERSANA’s Chris Lagoeiro, Vice President, Revenue Management. Chris will participate in the panel session, “Innovative Approaches to 340B Claims Data Identification,” on Wednesday, May 17 from 3:35 – 4:30 p.m. EDT alongside fellow industry leaders Andrew Brownlee, Associate Director, Berkeley Research Group; Kathleen Black, Chairperson and Director, Government Operations, Pfizer Inc; and Cathy Burton-Meza, Senior Manager, Audits & Compliance, Gilead. 

 Topics that the panelists will explore during this session include: 

  • Review overall pain points with the various channels of claims data (availability and identifiers), transparency to identify disputes and discounts 
  • Best practices and methodologies to get claim data 
  • Best practices to engaging with PBMs when you have a 340B claim to dispute 
  • Case studies of successful approaches to working with PBMs 
  • What other approaches can lead to getting behind the claims data curtain? 

About EVERSANA’s Revenue Management Services 

EVERSANA’s Revenue Management Services delivers the most comprehensive solutions to solve value and access challenges, supporting strategic pricing decisions through mitigating operational revenue leakage throughout the product life cycle. Our value and access optimization capabilities are scalable across all global markets and provide local market precision.  

EVERSANA’s services combine software, operations consulting and D&A to form the ultimate intersection of outcomes, access and pricing services including: 

  • Support strategic decision-making through research and modeling 
  • Enable operational discipline via execution and adjudication 
  • Achieve analytic maturity with forecasting and evaluation 

More on EVERSANA’s Government Pricing & Compliance Services 

The pharma regulatory framework evolves at a rapid pace with no signs of slowing. EVERSANA’s government programs and market access experts help you maximize the value of your commercial and government strategies while ensuring compliance with your contractual and regulatory obligations through: 

  • Executive oversight; Allocation of experienced Government Pricing (GP) resources  
  • Dedicated GP Analyst(s) that know your business and products 
  • Ensure compliance with changing federal and state pricing regulations 
  • On-time GP Price calculations and reporting guided by an agreed upon monthly delivery calendar 
  • Agreed upon approval and issue resolution processes 
  • Regular progress tracking and reporting 
  • GP contract initiation and maintenance (includes FSS tracking customer monitoring) 
  • GP documentation and training programs 

About Medicaid & Government Pricing Congress 

Key themes for this year’s congress include: 

  • Analyzing federal and state regulations and benchmark best practices for implementation 
  • Optimizing your pricing, contracting, reporting and reimbursement strategies 
  • Ensuring compliance on government program mandates with key experts in the industry

Visit EVERSANA’s experts at our booth or schedule a time to meet with one of our experts.