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Belgium’s State Council Backs Confidential Agreement Transparency Bill

Country: BELGIUM | Region: EUROPE | Type: Policy | Keywords: #courtofaudit #healthministry #managedentryagreements #pricingcontracts #transparency PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Council of State adopted a positive opinion on an SP.A and N-VA bill that would allow the Court of Audit full insight into the secret pricing contracts negotiated by the Minister of Health and pharmaceutical companies when it comes to expensive, innovative medicines The Court of Audit would only have […]

EVERSANA Sponsors Pharma Pricing & Market Access Congress 2020

EVERSANA is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at this year’s World Pharma Pricing, Market Access & Evidence Congress (PPMA), taking place on September 23-25. From industry-leading global pricing solutions, market access and RWE, EVERSANA will showcase to the global marketplace how our integrated services came together into a single platform to create value across […]

End-to-End Commercialization Solutions

Innovative therapies allow for global innovative commercialization strategies. That’s why we’ve built a comprehensive integrated commercial services company, powered by more than 2,000 employees, to partner with Global pharmaceutical, biotech and emerging innovators to bring their products to market, with focus on the US market, reducing cost and risk while simultaneously improving outcomes. From European […]

FDA Publishes Final Rule on New Regulatory Pathway Shift for Insulin, Other Biologics

Country: UNITED STATES | Region: NORTH AMERICA | Type: Policy | Keywords: #biologicdrugs #biosimilar #fda #insulin #regulation PRICENTRIC BRIEF: On March 23, 2020, an application for a biological product approved under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), including applications for insulin and other biological products, will be deemed to be a license for the product under the Public Health Service (PHS) Act For the first […]

ClinBiz Summit 2020

Connect with top-notch industry speakers  delivering impactful presentations with practical solutions and best practices to take you to the next level in leading and managing the business aspects of clinical trials. Meet the EVERSANA team to learn how we can help drive awareness programs, education and support services to promote adherence and better health outcomes. […]

Denmark, Iceland, & Norway Conclude First Joint Nordic Tendering

Country: DENMARK, ICELAND, NORWAY | Region: EUROPE, NORDICS | Type: Tender | Keywords: #generics #jointprocurement #nordictendering #patentexpiry #suppliers PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The first joint Nordic tendering intended to combine Denmark, Iceland, and Norway into “one large, attractive Nordic market for selected hospital pharmaceuticals,” particularly older medicines with expired patents that have been on the market for some time and have little competition Bente Hayes, Procurement Director at Norge Sykenusinnkjop HF, Divisjon Legemidler, […]

Spain Authorizes Centralized Purchase of 391 Million Euros Worth of Medicines

Country: SPAIN | Region: EUROPE | Type: Regulation | Keywords: #antianemicagents #antineoplasticagents #centralizedpurchase #immunomodulatoryagents #immunosuppressants #sns PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Council of Ministers has authorized the centralized purchase of 391 million euros worth of medicines under which manufacturers will be selected to supply different active principles at an estimated savings of 128 million euros for Spain’s National Health System (SNS) Spain is looking primarily at immunosuppressants for autoimmune diseases […]

EVERSANA™ unveils EVERSANA CONSULTING, portfolio of consulting services to solve challenges across the life sciences sector

CHICAGO – February 6, 2020  – Fueled by the growing demand for seasoned consulting expertise, EVERSANA™, the leading independent provider of commercial services to the life sciences industry, today unveiled EVERSANA CONSULTING, the new name of its global consulting services focused on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. EVERSANA CONSULTING is built to address challenges across […]